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“Double 11”: the Single Day of records

With $50 billion total revenue, “Double 11” 2018 edition has broken every conceivable record. Alibaba reconfirms itself as PRC e-commerce leader with the $30 billion reached, followed by JD with almost $22 billion in revenue. The 10th anniversary was supposed to be the largest-ever in scale and reach, and so it was On the occasion […]

Alibaba kicks off 2019 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. Focus on “new consumption,” “new business” & “green action”. The importance of livestreaming and cross-border e-commerce

Experts argued that Alibaba’s Singles Day 2019 will be the cross-border e-commerce edition. According to data international brands occupied the top 10 Double 11 Pre-sale in TMall and the rankings didn’t change that much. By the way, it is not hard to find that the big brands are particularly popular in the Double 11 pre-sale […]

Foreign media: A loophole in the Amazon appeal process? The seller was accused of “incorrect channel” after submitting the appeal POA

Amazon’s busy shopping season is getting closer and closer, but some sellers of blocked accounts have found that because of a significant failure of Amazon, they can’t restore their accounts or prepare for the holiday shopping peak. According to one seller (its account was frozen due to intellectual property infringement litigation), after he reached a […]

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