About us

About us:

Ningbo GMT leisure products Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive cross-border foreign trade enterprise mainly engaged in leisure, pet products, import and export trade, product development, etc., through the business model of cross-border B2B and B2C network sales, with Amazon, Alibaba, speed Sell ​​through, Ebay independent station and other international e-commerce platforms as channels, provide global customers with high-quality Chinese-made product sales and after-sales service, and sales have achieved rapid growth.

GMT's vision and mission is to become a well-known cross-border e-commerce company, to make high-quality products, and to globalize Jinmaitian products! We adhere to the core values ​​of "Integrity and Integrity, Enthusiasm, Openness and Inclusiveness, Perseverance and Responsibility", and create craftsmanship and serve customers with the entrepreneurial spirit of "Stay in peace while thinking about danger, seeking change and survival". Working hard for a valuable enterprise!

GMT corporate culture: A PK culture that strives to be the first and pursues infinite; a learning culture of endless learning and breakthrough innovation; a sharing culture that is willing to share and win-win cooperation; a family culture of loyalty and belonging, hand in hand, and strive to create a positive and enterprising, An efficient team with the courage to work hard and dare to take responsibility!

Reasons to join GMT:

1. We are a young and energetic workforce. Advocate and lead the way, fair competition, endless learning, willing to share, caring cultural atmosphere and rigorous work attitude.

2. Promotion planning: P sequence and M sequence advance together to provide individuals with a good career promotion channel.

3. Professional training: According to the department where you are employed, a professional training plan will be tailored to provide on-the-job training on business skills, work literacy, and professionalism, so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of the personal workplace.

4. Career prospects: Cross-border e-commerce is the most influential industry in the future! Cross-border talents are the most valuable talents! Jinmaitian can provide you with a reserve of professional industry knowledge and network resources.

5. Business model: No need to go out and telemarketing, just exchange ideas and use your marketing wisdom to challenge high salaries and reflect value.

The company advocates the principle of "I have no people, I am new, and people are new". It provides the team with various team building activities, holidays, social insurance, PK rewards, year-end dividends, weekends and weekends, payment of five insurances, travel and other benefits !

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