Shenzhen-based tech giant launches group-buying mini program on WeChat. Developing its own version of the popular social commerce platform the main goal

Is Tencent joining social-commerce race? Maybe. At the end of April the company has rolled out Xiao’e Pinpin, a mini program for social commerce on WeChat that the Chinese tech juggernaut has made available to its 1.1 billion users. Xiao’e Pinpin carries a multitude of lifestyle products, from lipsticks to mobile phones and according to […]

“Double 11”: the Single Day of records

With $50 billion total revenue, “Double 11” 2018 edition has broken every conceivable record. Alibaba reconfirms itself as PRC e-commerce leader with the $30 billion reached, followed by JD with almost $22 billion in revenue. The 10th anniversary was supposed to be the largest-ever in scale and reach, and so it was On the occasion […]