What does the Google Market Finder tool do?

Want to expand into new markets, but worry about how to better cater to local consumers? Don’t know how to improve the performance of the new market? The Market Finder tool launched by Google can provide a lot of help for start-ups.

What can Market Finder do?
1. Market Finder helps companies find development opportunities in other markets.

2. Provide comprehensive toolkits and resources for creating business in new markets.

3. Use existing Google products to help start-ups create new market development strategies.

1. Discover new opportunities
When a company wants to expand into a new market and does not know whether its products can meet the needs of other markets, it may do some market research. At this time, just enter the URL in the Market Finder and let it help you crawl and discover the market that suits you.

What does the Google Market Finder tool do?
Market Finder lists 4 key indicators:

1. Monthly Search Volume Across Categories (monthly search volume of products in this category)

2. Recommended Adwords Bid (recommended keyword ad bidding-competitive situation)

3. Ease of Doing Business (Ease of Doing Business)

4. Household Net Disposable Income (Household Net Disposable Income-purchasing power)

Sort the business opportunities in each market according to total search volume, recommended bids, and competition. With the help of Market Finder, some questions that have plagued SMEs such as “how is the competition in this market”, “how does the demand for products in this area compare to another area”, “how much does it cost to advertise in this new market” and other issues Solved easily.

In addition, Market Finder also provides the following data:

2. Tools, Guides & Resources
There is a complete set of guides and resources in Market Finder for startups to establish business in new markets:


·Logistics resources to explain international distribution rules

·Localization guidelines help companies better adapt to new markets

·Payment guide tells about mobile payment and global payment

These tools and resources can provide tremendous help to start-ups that do not know how to operate in new markets and face logistics challenges.

Three, marketing
Google is a well-known search engine and an essential platform for understanding marketing effects. Market Finder naturally also has this function.

Search Performance: Check the search rate of your keywords in the selected market.

What does the Google Market Finder tool do?
Marketing Strategy (Marketing Strategy): A series of resources and guidelines that provide companies with marketing techniques to expand into new markets, as well as various auxiliary tools (such as Google Trends and Consumer Barometer).

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